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“As an international planning and design firm, IBI Group has affiliated with Khoury Group Design Consultants on a range of major facilities development projects. Marwan G. Khoury has consistently provided highly professional assistance in forecasting future facilities requirements in a range of complex institutional settings, with great success.”

L. Sherman – Director IBI Group

“The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs would like to thank [The Consultant] for a major effort, and on a personal note I would like to thank you, Marwan for your support at many very critical times throughout the course of this project. We have faced some real challenges and accomplished lots.”

A. Mellor – Project Manager

“Marwan: I just wanted you to know how much I’ve appreciated being able to ask you questions. You’ve really helped us by giving us answers instead of the run-around. I really appreciate it and on behalf of the Agriculture and Rural Division – thank you!”

R. Oud – Client Group Director

“Your involvement with this project comes at a critical time in its evolution and I welcome you as member of our team.”

M. Keith – Director of Relocation

“Mr. Khoury's work displays a high level of analytic capability, careful attention to detail and a creative approach to problem solving. His work is accurate, delivered on time, and presented in a clear manner. I have no hesitation in recommending him for strategic accommodation studies and detailed space programming assignments.”

H. J. Katzin – Director IBI Group

“I write this as a personal note of thanks to you to acknowledge the many months of hard work witnessed. Your serious attention to detail has given a great amount of confidence in the results; i.e. that our ministry’s requirements have been captured to the fullest extent. I have enjoyed working closely with you on this project.”

C. Gans – Facilities Coordinator

“Thank you for your excellent work on this project. I hope that I can prompt the publication group to complete the guide with the same diligence that you have shown.”

D. Fugler - CMHC Project Director

“Marwan is quick to grasp the essentials of a problem and has demonstrated the ability to research set projects and come up with accurate and well-reasoned conclusions.”

D. Feldman – Centre for Building Studies

“Mr. Khoury seemed to relish the task. He methodically collected the information needed to make his recommendations. His final report was thorough in its evaluation of space, function and environmental factors. He proved himself to be an excellent listener and has the awareness and mental agility to cope with strong conflicting opinions. Because he has integrity about his person and work, he elicits trust from others.”

S. L. Belkin – Client Group Director


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