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Architectural space and facilities programming is a researrch and decision making process that identifies issues and problems to be accounted for, and resolved, by design. Our approach to architectural programming, and the consulting services we provide, are based on this definition and are highlighted below.

Over the years we have learned that understanding the client's purpose for initiating the work, the client's decision-making and approvals process, and the client's budget for the next phases of design, construction and/or relocation (as well as a close working relationship with the consultant(s) undertaking the work) are paramount to a successful project.

Functional Analysis
We research, understand and report on the:

  • client's ideals and aspirations;
  • organizational structure;
  • operational, administrative and management functions and activities;
  • interaction amongst all levels of organizational units, management, and staff;
  • relation to clients and the general public; and
  • issues and problems related to existing site, space and facilities.

Space and Facilities Programs
We research, understand and prepare detailed report(s), by organizational unit, on the:

  • existing and/or required space standards;
  • type and number of spaces needed;
  • general and/or specific spatial, environmental and/or equipment information by space;
  • adjacency requirements amongst organizational units defining or limiting optimal floor size/configuration;
  • forecasted changes to staffing and/or operations and the potential effects on future requirements;
  • preliminary "blocking and stacking" concepts using connective planning techniques (gaming); and
  • strategic accommodation options.

Site Selection
For potential sites and locations, we review, analyze and report on:

  • site characteristics;
  • planning context;
  • transportation and parking;
  • community amenities and services;
  • infrastructure and utilities;
  • environmental impact;
  • development costs; and
  • suitability to organization's objectives and image.


Project Management Plans
We prepare, in close consultation with client(s) and other stakeholders, project management plans that:

  • define the purpose, scope and overall budget;
  • identify and define client/other projects and related sub-projects;
  • determine budget requirements including costs and expenditure forecasting;
  • identify internal and/or external human resource requirements;
  • define a work breakdown structure; and
  • establish a master client schedule.

Client Project Management
We act on behalf of the client as process managers, to assist in the implementation of the poject management plan. Managing the implementation include:

  • administration of the approved project management plan including periodic updates;
  • assistance in the planning and control of external contracts;
  • provision of master schedule control;
  • co-ordination of the decision-making and approvals process; and
  • provision of other project management functions including reporting and communication.


We can provide research assistance services on projects related to the building and construction industries in the areas of:

  • policy and regulations;
  • market trends, conditions and opportunities;
  • asset assessment and benchmarking;
  • financial analysis and modeling;
  • literature surveys and reviews; and
  • technical writing and editing.
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