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Head Office Facilities

  • Archives of Ontario - Detailed Space Program for Head Office Facilitiy
  • Assessment Review Board and the Ontario Municipal Board - Space Program and Cost Analysis for Co-location
  • Canada Information Office - Functional and Space Requirements
  • HRDC's Income Securities Program - Space Analysis and Blocking and Stacking Options
  • MCTR's Niagara Relocation Project - Detailed Facilities Program for All Space to be Relocated
  • MCTR's Niagara Relocation Project - Review and Analysis of Potential Sites for Relocation
  • National Capital Commission Headquarters - Detailed Functional Space Programming and Planning
  • OMAFRA's Guelph Development Project - Detailed Functional and Space Programming for New Head Office
  • OMAFRA's Guelph Relocation Project - Workstation Allocation Plan for New Facility
  • Ontario Government Leased Space at 2195 Yonge - Functional and Space Program for 3 Ministries
  • Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources - Planning and Benchmarking for Main Office Facilities
  • Ontario Provincial Police - Functional Assessment of Space and Facilities for Headquarter's Reorganization
  • PWGS Canada - Parliament Hill Centre Block - Assessment of Space Use Relative to Historical Context
  • TTI Market Explorers - Office Space Programming and Planning

Colleges and Universities

  • Cambrian College - Master Planning
  • Centennial College - Comparative Analysis of Preliminary Space Requirements for New Campus
  • Centennial College - Facility Program for the Advanced Technology Institute
  • Centennial College - Teaching Space Demand Analysis for Campus Consolidation Strategies
  • Dalhousie University Master Plan - Demand-Hour Analysis and Space Standards Review
  • George Brown College - Campus Consolidation Master Plan
  • George Brown College - Programming and Planning for New Facilities
  • Trent University Facilities - Teaching Space Requirements for the Renewal and Development Strategy
  • Saint Mary's University, Halifax - Strategic Assessment of Teaching Space Use & Demand
  • Wilfrid Laurier University - Space Utilization Review

Specialized Facilities

  • Archives of Ontario - Assessment of the Suitability of Sites and Facilities for Relocation Purposes
  • Archives of Ontario - Detailed Space Requirements for Laboratories and Archival Storage Facilities
  • City of Saint John - Feasibility Study for Regional Exhibition Centre
  • City of Toronto Property Department - Functional Assessment of Vehicle Maintenance Facilities
  • City of Toronto POA Courts Facilities - Space Analysis and Financial Assessment of Consolidation Options
  • Department of Fisheries and Oceans - Functional Program for Expansion and Relocation of Laboratories
  • Geological Survey of Canada - National Strategic Accommodation Plan
  • MCTR's Niagara Relocation Project - Analysis of Printing, Mail and Warhousing Services and Facilities
  • Ontario SuperBuild Corporation - Courthouse Redevelopment Project's Review of Standards and Trends
  • TTI Market Explorers - Space Program for Focus Group and Conference Facilities


  • Archives of Ontario - Analysis and Financial Assessment of Long Term Accommodation Options
  • Archives of Ontario - Strategic Feasibility Study for Relocation of all Archival Facilities
  • MAG's Family Responsibility Office - Operations Master Project Plan and Project Control System
  • MCTR's Niagara Relocation Project - Project Co-ordination, Management and Budget Control Services
  • MNDM's Sudbury Relocation Project - Management Support and Consulting Contracts' Budget Control
  • National Capital Commission - Relocation Planning for NCC Headquarters
  • OMAFRA's Guelph Relocation Project - Project Co-ordination, Management and Budget Control Services
  • OMAFRA's Information Technology Services - Master Project Plan and Project Schedule
  • Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General - Process Management for Head Office Reorganization
  • Ontario Ministry of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation - Management of Furniture and Equipment Planning
  • Ontario Ministry of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation - Relocation Termination Planning
  • Ontario Ministry of Government Services - Inspection of Office Facilities and Detention Facilities
  • Ottawa Transition Board - Municipal Facilitie Amalgamation Project Planning and Scheduling
  • PWGS Canada - Asset Management Planning


  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) - Feasibility Study on Mandating Residential Fire Sprinklers in Low Rise Residential Dwellings in Canada.
  • Publication: CMHC, "Impact of Mandatory Sprinklering of Multi-Unit Residential Buildings"
  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) - National Survey on the Service Life of Building Systems and Components in High Rise Residential Buildings. Results used in the development of a National Benchmarking System.
  • Publication: CMHC, "Service Life of Multi-Unit Residential Building Elements and Equipment"
  • Publication: CMHC, "Capital Replacement Planning - Manual for Co-operative and Non-Profit Housing Providers"
  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) - Research and Development of a Householder's Guide to Fixing Damp Basements.
  • Publication: CMHC, "Investigating, Diagnosing and Treating Your Damp Basement'
  • Award: Marwan George Khoury won an "Award of Merit" in the Prints/Books/Reports Category from the Information Services Institue in Ottawa for his role in the writing and development of this publication.
  • Centre for Building Studies - Research on the Durability and Cost Reduction of Building Materials through the Blending of Recycled Waste Products.
  • Publication: Journal of Adhesion Science Technology, "Epoxy-Lignin Polyblends. Part II. Adhesive Behaviour and Weathering".
  • Publication: Journal of Applied Polymer Science, "Epoxy-Lignin Polyblends. III. Thermal Properties and Infrared Analysis".
  • City of Toronto - Capital Cost Forecasting and the Assessment of Replacement Reserve Funds for All City Emergency and Transitional Shelter Facilities. Development of a simple financial analysis and forecasting computer model for use by city property managers.
  • Ontario Ministry of Housing - Development of the Building Codes Assessment Framework to Analyze Costs and Assess Risks associated with Building Code Changes. Research involved computer modelling and managing a national panel of over 30 experts in the fields of fire risks, building science and construction. Trainig provided to Ministry staff and staff from the National Research Council.
  • Publication: Research presented at the ASTM Symposium on Fire Hazard and Fire Risk Assessment, San Antonio, Texas; and at Interflam, Oxford, England; "Fire Risk Analysis and Assessment for the Canadian Building Code Assessment Framework"
  • Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing - Assessment of Capital Repair and Replacement Funds in all Non-Profit Housing Stock in Ontario. Development and application of financial modeling for identifying reserve fund requirements across the province.
  • Various Professional Associations and Private Manufacturers - Identification of Research Needs, Certification and Standards Requirements. Analysis of Market Suitability and Market Opportunities.
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