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In 1992, Khoury Group Design Consultants was incorporated in the province of Ontario, Canada, as a specialized venue for providing architectural space and facilities programming. At that time, the company allowed its owner, Marwan George Khoury, to focus his time on selective projects requiring his expertise in the fields of architectural programming, analysis and design methodologies.

Today, with over 22 years of experience, Mr. Khoury continues his long career as a specialist in architectural programming through the same private practice.

Our approach to all types of projects is based on the premise that the client is an active member of the team, especially at the architectural programming phase, which is essential for good design. Our programming methodology is not only "numerical", but relies on our interest in the organization and its people, from aspirations to conflicts. During any particular phase of a project, we may approach an issue as mathematicians, management consultants, designers; and sometimes, even as psychologists! In all cases, however, we ensure that realistic goals and budget constraints also guide the process.

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